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Accentual Lighting was established in 2005 by owner/operator, me, Tony Schmidt. I have been in the landscaping industry for over 15 years. It was then I realized that the beauty of my work needed to extend into the evening hours and give homeowners the opportunity to enrich their nighttime life with outdoor lighting.

Accentual Lighting offers outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance services as well as our extended maintenance agreements. With over 15 years of low voltage experience, we install everything by hand and we are meticulous not to disturb your existing landscape.

Our design team and installation technicians at Accentual Lighting specialize in low voltage outdoor lighting and we will work with any landscape company to ensure the landscaping becomes a beautiful nightscapes at nightfall.

We at Accentual Lighting believe that the strongest businesses are relationship-based, not transaction-based. We work to develop relationships with our clients to build loyalty and lifetime value. Our team at Accentual Lighting is ready to make you a client for life.

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